20 years + of history

  The Twisted Gold Gals have been associated with bands that Ted Benson was in for  
  many years. The Rich Hunter Band, ( the girls were known as the Dancers),Big Fish  
  Band,( they were known as the Fish Heads), The Fish Head band ( they were known as the  
  Fishettes) and now they are known as the Twisted Gold Gals, Twisted Gold Dancers or The  
  The Pink Posse.  


Bev Benson Tara Roth Cathy Buchanan Kim Weaver Shirley Lytle Tamera Patton


Tammy Terkhorn         Lish Weaver
  The Gals are volunteers who love to dance, have fun, enjoy meeting new people,  

and love helping others. They also have been known to raise money for flood

  victims, buy presents for families at Christmas,  
  and also work with the special needs children.  



The Gals have been in parades, on TV and on the radio promoting the band, they help

  move equipment, buy give aways, sell tickets, take pictures, etc....plus dance all night.  


    Tara - Bev - Kim - Alisha - Cathy - Tammy    








    Cathy - Bev - Alisha - Kim - Tara - Glenn    
Tara-Cathy - Kim - Bev                 Tammy - Shirley- Cathy - Bev - Kim - Kathy - Tara
 Cathy, Alisha, Bev & Tara Bev, Matt, Kim, Glenn, Tara, Alisha & Cathy WMRS RADIO SUNNY 107.7
Cathy, Kim & Bev Alisha, Cathy, Bev & Tara Cathy, Tammy, Bev & Tara







Cathy, Tara & Bev


Tara, Cathy, Lish, Bev & Kim Cathy, Bev & Tara Shirley, Cathy, Bev, Tara & Tammy


Bev, Kim & Alisha TWISTED GOLD CREW Tara, Alisha & Bev
Twisted Gold is a 60's Tribute Event Band